Thursday, July 31, 2014

Concert Review #15 - Jack White - Detroit @ Masonic Temple Theater - 07.30.14

'Holy crap'

Those two words pretty much some up what I experienced last night in Detroit's Masonic Temple Theater.  I must have said those two words at least thirty times.  I was absolutely beside myself the entire night.  At one point during the encore, it was almost like I forgot I was there watching Jack White and it felt more like a dream.  The set was so long, it was easy to get lost in thought about what was happening before me.  A living legend, in a legendary theater which named an adjacent theater after him, in his hometown, playing what seemed to be an every song you would want to hear that he's ever created.   It was like watching Babe Ruth in Yankee Stadium in the middle of the 1927 Yankee lineup.  I may just be saying all of this because I'm a rabid Jack White fan, but I think anyone who witnessed this show would at least have to slightly agree. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Concert Review #14 - Jack White - Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE - 07.27.14

Rain or shine

The We've Been There Before Jack White Summer Series rolled into Pittsburgh last night.  Having seen him twice in the last month and a half (Bonnaroo and Forecastle), I thought I had experienced everything new that a Jack White concert could offer.  Turns out I was wrong and this time it wasn't because White was the innovative force.  In fact, it was Mother Nature and traffic that threw us for a loop.