Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Album Review: Jack White - 'Lazaretto'

Folk rock?

Country rock?

Hard rock?

All of the above...

Jack White's long awaited 'sophomore' solo album finally made it's debut on Tuesday.  The day has finally arrived after two months of hype and press that was both good and bad for White.  He has been praised and highly regarded for his mastery and uniqueness in publications and across the web.  He also caught himself talking poorly about the often-compared Black Keys and ex-sidekick Meg White.  Both of which he apologized for on his website.  Regardless of the drama White has created for himself, one thing is for certain, thank god this day has come.  Last month The Black Keys debuted their eighth studio album to mixed reviews.  They continued to separate themselves from the garage rock umbrella.  On 'Blunderbuss', White started to do the same.  'Lazaretto' continues that trend by expanding further into a folk/country rock genre.  It's not to say 'Lazaretto' doesn't have some heavy-hitting jams, because it does especially with the early released title track 'Lazaretto' and 'High Ball Stepper'.  It just is largely a mixed bag of folk rock, country rock and hard rock.  Let's go track by track to see what I mean....

Monday, June 9, 2014

Concert Review #12 - Vampire Weekend @ Meadow Brook Music Festival, Rochester Hills, Michigan - 06.06.14

Well, we're on the verge of being groupies when it comes to Vampire Weekend.  They were just north of Detroit in the college town of Rochester Hills, Michigan on Friday night.  It was about a three hour drive from Cleveland and on a Friday, so we were going.  When we were heading up through Detroit, we weren't sure what to expect.  We walked in a were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful outdoor pavilion with rolling lawn.  On a nice night in June, there couldn't be a better setting for one of our favorite bands.