Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jack White releases 'Lazaretto' title track

Track released following his Record Store Day performance that went direct to acetate

The studio version of 'Lazaretto' was released on Monday and it fulfilled every expectation I had of Jack White's 'sophomore' solo album.  They gritty, funky, scratchy, poppy, rocking Jack White that we've grown to love.  After the first track, instrumental only 'High Ball Stepper' was released a few weeks ago, I knew we were in for quite a treat.  White has not missed a beat from 'Blunderbuss' and in fact, if the title track is any indication, he has reached an all new high. 
The up and down tempo of the track has vibe that will hit every alt radio station this summer and be an instant classic.  With his voice having the same type of rhyming and punchy tone as Blunderbuss's 'Freedom at 21', the track is in your face from the start.  A friend mentioned to me that it has the feel of Zach De Le Rocha spewing lyrics on an intense Rage' track.  I tend to agree as it is Jack White proving that he is rock n' roll's savior in a mixture of EDM and hip-hop crap.  He proves his extremes by mixing the rough guitar licks with perfectly placed piano keystrokes. 
As I mentioned, if this is any tell into how great the new album will be, we're all in for a treat.  White has several shows this summer that he continues to add to.  He hypes himself up more than any other act.  The hype is working for me and I'll travel to see him wherever he's at if it's in a 5 hour drive.  We're in for a real treat this summer.  One can only hope The Black Keys don't fall flat on their new album that will be released a month prior to White's.  If so, White will have no competition this summer in radio airplay.  It seems as he's outdone himself again. 
Listen to the track below:
Get it.

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