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Austin City Limits Music Festival 2014 - Lineup Revealed

The ACL Festival is as big of a disappointment as its big sister Lollapalooza

Tickets went on sale and the lineup was released for the ACL Music Festival today.  The two weekend fall festival helped add to the largely underwhelming lineup of lineups the summer (READ: We've Been There Before's 2014 Music Festival Rankings). Its another swing and miss by festival organizers as they failed to book anyone outside the box or that is rock enough.  The ACL lineup is even more disappointing considering Austin's eclectic music scene and deep musical history.  I think we all have remembered watching ACL on PBS as kids and even recently, getting to see rock's most influential and upcoming talents.  ACL is an American institution that has embedded memories and history into our brains.  I can't remember the last time I saw acts the likes of Skrillex, Outkast or Eminem on the famed television show.  So, its a wonder why those three acts along with other head scratchers make up this year's lineup for the festival sharing the TV show's name sake.

We've seen many of these acts for this summer's upcoming festivals.  Obviously Outkast is nothing new to those who have been following lineup releases over the last two or three months.  Skrillex is another name that has polluted the festival circuit.  Eminem has been popping up as of late too.  Quite frankly those acts are fine by me and are actually big enough in my mind to hold headliner or sub-headliner roles.  What ticks me off is there is another festival that thinks that these acts are enough.   Sure Pearl Jam is a major get.  Pearl Jam is probably in many folks' eyes the main get.  They're a legendary band that have a huge following.  Beck is another 'almost' legend with a pretty big following.  However, the lineup falls off after that.  No Jack White.  No Black Keys.   No reunion band.  No other pure rock band.  There is just no band that is an up and coming must-see.  Let's take a look at some of the acts appearing this year....

Listen, I get he's one of the biggest names in music and has been for the last 10-15 years.  As I mentioned I'm ok with him headlining a major music festival.  Its just that this is Austin and a rock music mecca and it's supposed to be a rock music festival.  If you stack the top of this lineup with 4-5 rock heavyweights and I'm ok with Eminem playing.  In fact, it'd be refreshing to have him in the mix.  However, the other headliners don't even compare or outshine him. 
Pearl Jam
I'm not even a fan of Pearl Jam, but this a bit get.  They are the legendary band that was needed at the top of the lineup.  They have the big following that ACL was probably looking for.  If they can pull in 40,000 fans at Wrigley on their own, they should be able to bring the masses in at a festival.  The problem here is, will a Pearl Jam fan want to see any other band in this lineup?  Besides Beck and The Replacements, I don't think so.
After seeing their awful first weekend set at Coachella and their just a little better second weekend set, I'm convinced we're in for a long summer.  At first appearance, this is clearly a cash grab.  Andre 3000 could care less about the fans and they moped around the stage and went through a set that included Speakerboxx/The Love Below songs that made it feel more like this was two solo shows combined into one.  How could one band duped almost every festival organizer in one year?  Thank god for Bonnaroo.
An EDM act at Austin City Limits just doesn't feel right.  Especially a headliner.  I hope this awful phase of 'music' goes away soon.  Bring back the true talents instead of dudes that look like Bobby Budnik and haircuts that look like they've lost a bet.
Calvin Harris
I still don't know who this is.  Maybe he'll go away before I found out.
Let's hope Beck's recent album 'Morning Phase' can keep festival goers locked in this summer.  I fear that the tracks are two slow for a setting like this.  His Coachella set was pretty good, I hope he can keep the energy up while headlining.
Just book Lady Gaga next time.  At least she has more content and hits.
Avett Brothers
This is probably the perfect band for ACL.  A folk rock powerhouse that has enough energy-filled songs to keep the crowd pumped.  This is a great get.  When I think of ACL, I think of a band like Avett Brothers.
Who dug these dudes up?  I didn't catch their Coachella set, but does the lead singer still have a Flock of Seagulls haircut?
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
I'm pretty pumped to see these guys this summer at Sunfest in West Palm Beach.  They have the feel of an ACL TV act.  Any band with a horn section can be an ACL TV act actually.
Lake Street Dive
This babe has a killer voice.  If you want to be blown away, youtube their rendition of Hall and Oates' Rich Girl.  They will be much higher on the festival lineup bill in a few years.
Not much quality after that.  They expect to get a big turnout for two weekends with this lineup?  Do you think the organizers of ACL were jumping out of their chairs with enjoyment when they locked in Ralph's World for both weekends?  Welp, what can you say?  There's always next year...
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