Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gig Poster Review - Zeb Love - Avett Brothers, Pittsburgh, 3.1.14

Artist: Zeb Love

Last week I posted a review of the Avett Brothers concert we went to last weekend in Pittsburgh.  It was an awesome show, as it usually is with the Avett Brothers.  What I left out was the gig poster for the show sold out before the intermission between Old Crow Medicine show and the Avetts.  I was pretty bummed, but luckily I researched a bit this past week and found out the artist, Zeb Love was selling 50 more from the show on  I purchased it immediately and got it in the mail yesterday.  Its a such solid poster.

Its a 4 color screenprint, which stands out because of the gold touches that glisten in the light.  I love the combo of soldier and train and I thought it properly matches the show for the night in blue collar Pittsburgh and the down to earth Avett Brothers.

Zeb Love has some great stuff on  Many posters are up for sale, but this one sold out that same day.  Thankfully, I got mine when I did.  Make sure you go to to check out this Pittsburgh artist's fantastic work.


Get it.


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