Monday, February 10, 2014

Get it.

Let's Get It Movin'

Let's Go!

Welp, this is the first post of my blog.  Hopefully I can capture what a fun life I share with my main sidekick Patty Mayonnaise and my other sidekicks, the Sons.  I feel like I have a life worth documenting, but haven't done so up to this point.  We don't have kids, we travel frequently, we go to 3-4 concerts a month, we enjoy great beer and visiting the breweries that make them, we love coffee, dining out, cooking, brewing our own beer and just admiring the culture around us.  Patty and I figured out that as soon as we got married 2 years ago, we had a limited amount of time before we had kids.  So right out of the gate, while still living in Chicago we set out on a sick adventure of doing all of the activities mentioned to the fullest.  We have since moved back home to Cleveland, but have not slowed down a bit.  I think we have a year or two to keep rockin'.

Keep It Movin'

Everyday, I ask myself why no one in my immediate circle of friends has a regular blog.  Maybe they don't care to share their everyday experiences with the world and being an open book out in the interweb.  You have to understand one thing about a few of the Sons, none of us share our lives through social media.  No Facebook.  No Twitter.  No Instagram.  Nothing.  Some of us simply exchange thoughts and barbs through a 8 year old email chain and texts.  The conversations on this email chain consist of crude weekend experiences, happy hour escapades, sports talk, music talk, travel and concert talk, constant ripping on each other and just normal everyday conversations.  My other sons share interests and passion towards beer, food, music, concerts, music festivals and gig posters.  Share is probably a strong word on some of those things (like gig posters), because I tend to go overboard on my interests.

This One is Off Our Last Album

I'm going to try and keep this up to date with our experiences as frequently as possible.  I'm staying anonymous, not because I have anything to hide, but because I have found it's hard for people to admire you if you constantly brag about how great of a time you're having.  This is probably one of the reason why I'm not signed up on any social media outlets.  I also have a day job that I truly love and respect.  It's a major part of my life that I could not bare without.  I feel like people often forget about how their careers are their livelihood and how its hard to break perception in the workplace.  You're bound to offend someone you cross paths with in the workplace with your personal lifestyle.  I can't explain, but I've always kept work and personal as far apart as possible.  It's helped me up to this point, so I'm not going to change it.  I'll probably rant on in future posts on people who don't follow the same thought process.  I can't wait to get this rolling.  Hope you stay tuned.

Get it.


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